Interview with Simon Coxall: Embracing the Future of Huntingdon Town FC

As the anticipation for the 2024/25 football season builds, Huntingdon Town Football Club’s Under 18 squad has been making waves with their inclusion in the Thurlow Nunn Youth (West) Division. To get an inside look at the upcoming season, we sat down with Simon Coxall, the driving force behind the club’s youth development. In this exclusive interview, Simon shares his thoughts on the squad’s inclusion, the impending pre-season, and his excitement about the new and returning talents eager to prove themselves at Huntingdon Town FC.

The Digital Dribbler (DD): Simon, thank you for joining us today. How do you feel about the Under 18 squad being included in the Thurlow Nunn Youth (West) Division for the 2024/25 season?

Simon Coxall (SC): It’s an exhilarating development for us. The inclusion of our Under 18 squad in the Thurlow Nunn Youth (West) Division is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our players and coaching staff. This platform will provide our young talents with the competitive exposure they need to develop their skills further and prepare for senior-level football. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to showcase their abilities against some of the best youth teams in the region.

DD: With pre-season starting on the 2nd of July, what are your primary goals for this period?

SC: Pre-season is a critical time for any team, and for us, it’s about laying a strong foundation for the season ahead. Our primary goals are to enhance the players’ fitness levels, integrate our tactical philosophies, and build team cohesion. It’s also a chance to assess the squad’s depth and make necessary adjustments. We have a series of friendlies lined up that will help us gauge our progress and identify areas that need improvement.

DD: You mentioned excitement about the players invited to pre-season. Can you elaborate on that?

SC: Absolutely. We have some exceptionally talented players who have been invited to join us for pre-season. These individuals have shown great potential, and I’m eager to see how they perform in a more competitive environment. Additionally, we are always thrilled to see players who come along of their own accord, seeking opportunities to be part of Huntingdon Town FC. It shows their passion and determination, qualities that are invaluable in football.

DD: What impact do you expect the new and returning players to have on the team?

SC: New players bring fresh energy and perspectives, which can be incredibly beneficial for the team dynamics. Their hunger to prove themselves can inspire the entire squad to push their limits. Returning players, on the other hand, provide stability and experience. They understand the club’s ethos and can mentor the younger ones, creating a balanced and cohesive unit. This blend of new and experienced players will be crucial for our success this season.

DD: Finally, what are your long-term aspirations for the Under 18 squad and Huntingdon Town FC as a whole?

SC: Long-term, our goal is to develop players who are capable of competing at the highest levels of football. We want to create a pathway for our youth to transition seamlessly into senior football, ideally within Huntingdon Town FC. As a club, we aim to establish ourselves as a hub of football excellence, known for nurturing talent and playing an attractive brand of football. Success on the field is important, but equally so is our commitment to developing well-rounded individuals who can succeed both on and off the pitch.

DD: Thank you, Simon, for sharing your insights. It’s clear that Huntingdon Town FC is on an exciting trajectory, and we look forward to following your progress this season.

SC: Thank you. It’s always a pleasure to discuss our plans and ambitions. Here’s to a successful season ahead!


As the pre-season kickoff approaches, the buzz around Huntingdon Town FC continues to grow. With Simon Coxall at the helm and a promising Under 18 squad ready to make their mark, the 2024/25 season is shaping up to be one to watch. Stay tuned for more updates and match reports from the Digital Dribbler as we follow their journey.

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