commercial opportunities 2024/25

Sponsoring sports clubs can provide unique opportunities for businesses and help them develop in ways that general advertising doesn’t.

  • Consumers are generally aware that official sponsors contribute to the events or sports they love, and research shows that sports fans have a more positive perception of event sponsors. 
  • Sponsoring sporting clubs can help create loyalty towards your brand. 
  • Sponsoring sports clubs can increase brand awareness.
  • Staff working for the sponsoring business may develop a sense of pride, and clients a sense of respect with the knowledge that the business is supporting the community. 
  • Sponsoring a sports club can help to grow community support and a positive perception for the business.
  • Sponsoring gives access for your brand to target your market: Local residents of Huntingdon surrounding areas. 
  • It’s enjoyable to actively support your local team. 
  • The benefits for businesses can continue well after sponsorship.
  • Sponsorship is a big driver towards CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) 
  • Sponsorship allows relationships with other local businesses & communities to flourish into other yet considered opportunities.

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