Elevate Your Game at the Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence at Huntingdon Town Football Club

Welcome to the Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence at Huntingdon Town Football Club, where aspiring goalkeepers are trained to reach their full potential under the guidance of our UEFA-licensed coaches. Starting from the age of 11, we provide specialized training that equips young goalkeepers with the skills, techniques, and confidence needed to excel in one of the most challenging positions on the field. Here’s why our Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence stands out as a premier destination for budding goalkeepers.

Specialised Training from UEFA-Licensed Coaches

At Huntingdon Town FC, our UEFA-licensed coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence. These coaches have undergone extensive training and possess the highest coaching qualifications in football, ensuring that every session is infused with professional expertise.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Our coaches stay abreast of the latest advancements in goalkeeper training. They incorporate cutting-edge techniques and drills that focus on all aspects of goalkeeping, including shot-stopping, distribution, positioning, and decision-making. This ensures that our goalkeepers are well-rounded and prepared for any situation on the pitch.

Personalised Development Plans

Recognising that every goalkeeper is unique, our coaches develop personalised training plans tailored to each individual’s strengths and areas for improvement. This customized approach allows young goalkeepers to progress at their own pace and achieve their personal best.

Comprehensive Training Program

Our Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence offers a comprehensive training program designed to develop every facet of a goalkeeper’s game. Here’s what you can expect:


Fundamental Skills

Starting from age 11, our young goalkeepers are introduced to the fundamental skills essential for success. This includes basic techniques such as catching, diving, and footwork, all taught in a fun and engaging environment.


Advanced Techniques

As goalkeepers progress, they are introduced to more advanced techniques. Training sessions cover complex aspects of goalkeeping such as one-on-one situations, handling crosses, and organizing the defense. Our goalkeepers learn to read the game and make quick, effective decisions under pressure.


Physical Conditioning

Goalkeeping requires excellent physical fitness. Our training program includes strength and conditioning exercises tailored specifically for goalkeepers, ensuring they have the agility, strength, and endurance needed to perform at their best.


Mental Toughness

Being a goalkeeper demands mental resilience. Our coaches work on building the psychological aspects of goalkeeping, such as concentration, confidence, and composure. This holistic approach ensures our goalkeepers are not only physically prepared but also mentally strong.


Improving Facilities

Huntingdon Town FC is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that provide the perfect environment for goalkeeper training. Our dedicated training areas are designed to simulate real-match conditions, allowing goalkeepers to practice in a setting that closely mirrors actual game scenarios.



Our Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence has a track record of success. The high standards set by our UEFA-licensed coaches make our goalkeepers highly sought after by scouts and clubs.


Scouting Opportunities

Regular matches and showcase events provide our goalkeepers with opportunities to be scouted by professional clubs. Our close relationships with scouts and football organizations ensure that talented goalkeepers receive the exposure they deserve.

Join the Huntingdon Town FC Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence

If you’re an aspiring goalkeeper aged 11 or older, the Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence at Huntingdon Town FC is the perfect place to develop your skills and take your game to the next level. Our UEFA-licensed coaches, comprehensive training programs, and improving facilities offer an unparalleled training experience.

For more information or to register, please contact Richard or Ross, our Head GK Coaches, at Huntingdon Town FC.
📲 07368 538399
📩 GKCE@huntingdontownfc.com

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