Illumination at Jubilee Park

The installation of a new floodlight system at Jubilee Park, specifically at The Hunters Stadium, is a significant enhancement for Huntingdon Town Football Club. Floodlights are crucial for enabling evening matches and extending the usability of the stadium for various events. The 16 lamps on pitch 2 and 3 will be LEDs reducing the amount of electricity used on matchdays and with the added benefit of being fully programable to deliver variable lighting levels, as and when required.

Fans and stakeholders can look forward to the benefits of this upgrade, such as better visibility during matches and a more vibrant atmosphere for evening games. The week beginning January 29th marks the commencement of the installation, so it won’t be long before the upgraded floodlight system is fully operational.

It’s always positive to see clubs investing in their facilities, and this improvement is likely to contribute to a more enjoyable and engaging experience for both players and supporters at Jubilee Park. Keep an eye on the club’s official channels for any further updates or details related to the floodlight installation.

Direct Sports Lighting were the contractors in the installation of the new floodlights.

Funders: Premier League Stadium Improvement Fund, Football Foundation, Huntingdon Town Football Club

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