New LED Lamps installed at The Hunters Stadium

Huntingdon Town Football Club is delighted with the successful installation of the 16 advanced LED lamps supplied by Direct Sporting Lighting. Direct Sporting completed the design and installation of the system.

The installation of the new system at The Hunters Stadium will provide the club with features that will reduce the cost of ownership and produce a stage-like atmosphere for players, spectators, and VEO broadcasts:

  • Light Control – Customised optics direct light onto the pitch and minimises glare from shining into the eyes of athletes and supporters.
  • Energy Savings – Instant on/off capabilities and dimming controls adjust light power output, further conserving energy.
  • Superior Performance – Increases light levels by 100 percent, while providing consistent light uniformity across the playing surface.

Direct Sports Lighting were the contractors in the installation of the new floodlights.

Funders: Premier League Stadium Improvement Fund, Football Foundation, Huntingdon Town Football Club

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