Join the Coaching Team at Huntingdon Town Football Club

Are you passionate about football and eager to share your knowledge and expertise with aspiring players? Huntingdon Town Football Club is on the lookout for dedicated and enthusiastic football coaches to join our coaching team. If you have a love for the game and a desire to make a positive impact on young people, we invite you to become part of our growing community.

Why Coach at Huntingdon Town Football Club?

Coaching at Huntingdon Town FC offers a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the development of players at all levels. Here’s why you should consider joining our coaching team:

  1. Make a Difference: As a coach, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping the future of our players both on and off the field. Whether you’re helping beginners learn the basics or fine-tuning the skills of seasoned athletes, your guidance and mentorship will have a lasting impact.

  2. Development: Coaching at Huntingdon Town FC provides opportunities for professional growth and development. Benefit from ongoing training sessions, coaching clinics, and mentorship programs designed to enhance your coaching skills and expertise.

  3. Supportive Environment: Join a supportive and collaborative coaching team dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere for players and coaches alike. At Huntingdon Town FC, we value teamwork, respect, and mutual support, creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

  4. Community Engagement: Get involved in the local community and make meaningful connections with players, parents, and fellow coaches. Coaching at Huntingdon Town FC allows you to be an active participant in community events, outreach programs, and grassroots initiatives aimed at promoting the love of football.

How to Join the Coaching Team:

We’re seeking passionate and committed individuals to join our coaching team at Huntingdon Town Football Club. If you’re ready to take the next step in your coaching journey, here’s how you can get involved: Email Howard, Director of Football – call Richard 07368 538 399 or message our WhatsApp channel 07718 819 350 for more details.

  1. Coaching Qualifications: Possessing coaching qualifications and relevant experience is advantageous but not mandatory, we want to support you. We welcome coaches of all levels, who are dedicated to making a positive impact on our players.

  2. Express Your Interest: If you’re interested in coaching at Huntingdon Town FC, we encourage you to reach out to us to express your interest. 

  3. Process: you will be invited to participate in a discussion about your coaching philosophy, experience, and suitability for the role. We value diversity and welcome coaches from all backgrounds and walks of life.

  4. Onboarding and Training: Once selected, new coaches will undergo an onboarding process and receive training and support to help them succeed in their role. Whether you’re a seasoned coach or new to the field, we’re committed to providing the resources and guidance you need to excel.

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