Rowdies (Youth)






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We aim to create an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the sport of Football; regardless of ability, gender or ethnicity, we firmly believe that Football is for everyone.


The core of this philosophy will be fun. Allowing Children to learn in a safe,

non-pressured environment where the Coaches are sympathetic to every individual’s needs.


The ultimate goal is to have a senior team (Huntingdon Town Football Club) that is 90% full of former Rowdies Footballers. This can be achieved with considered, supported coaching methods and a clear playing strategy that is consistent throughout both Clubs.


As elitism dictates success in senior football, the long-term ambition will be the creation of several senior football teams who all represent the Town that can contain former Rowdies players so that we keep them involved in football. We intend for there to be a clear exit route into Senior Football for all Rowdies Footballers.




A new arm of representation for both Football Clubs shall be established which will endeavour to promote and deliver community based projects to encourage participation in football, and specifically in the Huntingdon Town Rowdies Football Club. These will fully utilise the facilities at Jubilee Park, but will also venture into different and suitable parts of the locality also.




We will be aiming to encourage all Rowdies Players to become comfortable in a 1v1 situation. This will be taught through skill sessions by the team coaching staff. This environment will be created from the second they sign up for the Club and will be consistently encouraged throughout their education.


Tactical education will begin to be further enhanced during adolescence as the initial main feature of playing for the Rowdies will be individual development up until that point. If a player is comfortable and competitive in a 1v1 situation then they become an asset at senior level as they can then be taught the tactical aspect of the game.


The ambition is to create an environment which encourages the Children to fall in love with football.


Coaching sessions will be designed around the actual game itself, and allow the Player to make decisions based on their experience. We are a big advocates of Rondo style-drills as these accurately replicate every area on the pitch and can be easily adjusted according to the outcome desired.


The Coaching syllabus will be designed and delivered by senior HTFC Coaches to all HTRFC Coaches monthly. This ensures continuity of understanding and the creation of a coaching language unique to our Jubilee Park base.


Regardless of ability, each Team Manager shall be encouraged to deliver the same “themes” in their sessions to ensure a consistent education across all teams at Jubilee Park.


Whilst the overall playing strategy and identity shall be devised by HTFC, it must be noted that the individual game plan and match day strategy is solely down to the Team Manager for each and every Match.


Huntingdon Town Football Club Limited is company registered in England and Wales with Company Number: 10619966

Registered Address: McIlwain Grange, 240 Ugg Mere Court Road, Ramsey Heights, Ramsey, PE26 2RJ