Whos Who at HTFC Ltd


Director                                        Doug McIlwain

Director                                        Russell Yezek

Director                                        Hans Reif

Whos Who at HTFC

President                                           Hans Reif

Chairman                                           Doug McIlwain - chairman@huntingdontownfc.com

Vice Chairman                                 George Yezek

Secretary                                          Russell Yezek - russell.yezek@huntingdontownfc.com

Treasurer                                          Doug McIlwain - accounts@huntingdontownfc.com

Fixture Secretary                           David Pinner - thepinners22@btinternet.com

Welfare Officer                               Russell Yezek - russell.yezek@huntingdontownfc.com

First Team Manager                     Jimmy Brattan - Jimmy.brattan@huntingdontownfc.com

First Team Coach                           Alex Cook - alex.cook@huntingdontownfc.com

Reserve Team Manager              Clive Hiscock - clive.hiscock@huntingdontownfc.com

Development Team Manager    Sparky McIlwain - sparky.mcilwain@huntingdontownfc.com

Groundsmen Russell                     Yezek & Michael Plunkett


Huntingdon Town Football Club is wholly owned by

Huntingdon Town Football Club Limited a registered in England and Wales with Company Number: 10619966

Registered Address: McIlwain Grange, 1 Battle Road Upwood Huntingdon PE26 2PT